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We meet on one of the floating islands of a vast archipelago. On these islands are present the ruins of a civilization that seems lost. Our character then sets out to find explanations for this desertification of the population. He thus crosses time by a clock with strange power, crossing periods and seasons, and discovering what these islands looked like. He learns more thanks to diary notes found on the way but also and especially by the people he meets. It is also through this trip that he will learn more about himself, his origins, and his lost family.

Unfortunately, it is by trying to access older times that the clock wears out, until it breaks.    

To move from left to right, use the left and right arrows, to jump use the up arrow.
The goal is to find the letters and characters on the map, interactions should be present to tell things about the story.


The Sky of the Past V2.zip 74 MB

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